Training Services

Yellow Research training services are focused on workshops or live Webinars for a group of researchers, individual clinics screening the project idea and CV of the candidate and interview trainings.


Workshops / Webinars

We run workshops informing potential applicants on the objectives, evaluation criteria and writing instructions of a specific funding scheme. We run also other types of training such as Master classes (12-20 participants), and career workshops.

Besides running workshops at the Yellow Research premises in Amsterdam -which are usually open for researchers and support staff from any institute- we also run workshops on location (in-house workshops). Most of these events are organized by the host institute. The host institute determines who and how many are attending a workshop, invite the researchers and support staff, hire a room and a beamer (or facilitate the ICT platform for live Webinars).

We provide half day workshops for more experienced applicants and whole day workshops for less experienced applicants.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we transformed all our workshops in live Webinars.


Individual clinics

Yellow Research offers individual clinics to potential applicants of research grant proposals. The applicant obtains feedback on the 1) eligibility of the PI, 2) quality of the CV and – if required – advice on potential improvements and 3) the project idea and to what extent the idea addresses the objectives of the funding programme.

To enable these clinics the applicant is requested to provide a CV and a 1-2 pages project description. A clinic with a potential applicant lasts on average 45-60 minutes.

A clinic can be in person if these events are organized in conjunction with an in-house training or via Zoom / Skype or telco.


Interview trainings

Yellow Research provides individual or in groups interview training in house or on the premises of Yellow Research in Amsterdam.

We provide in Amsterdam 1-day interview trainings for 4-5 applicants per trainer including a skills training by a skills trainer. We make sure to avoid competition between candidates in one group (not allowing candidates applying to the same panel / committee in one group).

The role of the YR trainer in the in-house trainings is usually to ensure the interview trainings mimics the official interview sessions and are in line with the objectives of the funding programme, the evaluation criteria and instructions for the interview session. In another format provided by Yellow Research, the applicants are –besides being trained on the presentation – forming a mock panel to enable them to assess the situation of the panel also from the perspective of the panel.

These different formats are focusing on preparing the candidate for their interview session. Typically, 1 hour is reserved for each applicant including: presentation by the applicant followed by questions and answers according to the panel / committee instructions, followed by feedback on the presentation, content of the slides and style of answering and quality of answers.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we offer individual interview trainings via Skype / Zoom consisting a 2-3 individual sessions.