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Yellow Research is a small company established in 2006, providing specialized services related to National and International research funding acquisition. We cover a wide range of research funding schemes with specific focus on the European Research council (ERC) grants, Marie Sklodowska Curie Marie Grants, Research and Innovation Actions (RIA/IA) and the Dutch Talent Programme (VENI/VIDI/VICI).

Based on our academic backgrounds and long-lasting experience in working with universities and research institutes throughout Europe, the three partners of Yellow Research have a thorough understanding of the academic world and we know what academic excellence means. Our individual and collective track records allow us to translate projects of top researchers into successful grant proposals and research projects. Furthermore, we are active in coaching and guidance of young researchers in developing their research careers.

  • Yellow Research has run over 700 workshops in the past ten years. These workshops were organised in our office in Amsterdam or as in-house services at numerous European Universities and Research Institutes in more than 15 countries. Our workshops include Masterclasses focussing on a specific funding scheme, interview trainings preparing our participants for an interview with the funding agency and career workshops helping to shape the careers of young researchers. Since the Covid-19 pandamic, we transformed all our courses into life Webinars. We do not offer workshops to companies.

Our consultancy services are closely linked to the training we offer and vice versa. In general we cover all scientific fields, ranging from Social Sciences to Life Sciences to Physical Sciences and Engineering including Chemical Sciences. In the past 10 years we reviewed hundreds of proposals providing a unique overview of success factors for a winning proposal.

We have more than 20 years legal and financial experience. From FP5 up to FP7 we have been advisors to the Dutch government on the development of the Rules for Participations and the Model Grant Agreements. We have been actively involved in the development of several Consortium Agreements as well as the DESCA for FP7. Furthermore, one of our partners has been active as an expert of FP5-8, gaining valuable experience as a reviewer of numerous research proposals.

The fact that our clients keep coming back to follow our courses and request review of their proposals is for us the most important proof of the quality of our services. We do not offer any lobbying services.

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Meet our Partners

Lotte Jaspers
Lotte Jaspers

For the past 30 years, Lotte has gained broad practical experience in the issues of technology transfer and obtaining EU grants in particular ERC, Marie Curie, Infrastructures and Research for SMEs grants. 


Mette Skraastad

Mette has, for the past 25 years, worked in the field of EU Framework Programmes, business development and research management. She has specialised herself in ERC grants and other individual national grants and funding for life sciences, in particular the H2020 societal challenge Personal Health Care.

Foto Aya van den Kroonenberg
Aya van den Kroonenberg

Aya obtained her PhD from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston and was employed at Harvard University as a post­doctoral fellow. She is a mechanical engineer with a specific interest in applying technical principles in the medical field.


Yellow Research consultancy services are focused on pre-screening of draft proposals to be submitted to the relevant funding agencies. To enable the proposal reviewing the applicant is requested to provide an initial draft of a proposal, preferably a full proposal.


Yellow Research training services are focused on workshops or live Webinars for a group of researchers, individual clinics screening the project idea and CV of the candidate and interview trainings.

Our Training courses


Event Venue Date
ERC Consolidator Grant call 2025 - 17 September 2024 - trainer: Aya van den Kroonenberg Webinar
  • 17 September 2024 10:00
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ERC Consolidator Grant call 2025 - 3 October 2024 - trainer: Mette Skraastad Webinar
  • 3 October 2024 10:00
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