Mette Skraastad

has for the past 25 years worked in the field of EU Framework Programmes, business development and research management. She has specialised herself in ERC grants and other individual national grants and funding for life sciences, in particular the H2020 societal challenge Personal Health Care.

Mette began her career as a researcher in the field of life science, studying the hereditary Huntington’s disease.  She was subsequently postdoc for 3 years, leading her own research group. This background proved to be valuable in her future work as EU consultant and business developer. She had a dual job at the University of Amsterdam, working as a technology transfer officer responsible for business development and EU grant officer (FP4). This combination of knowledge and expertise has proven useful to assess and write project specific impact sections. When she worked as a research manager at the Academic Medical Center, she assisted in establishing the biotechnology company MacroZyme and worked there as director of Business Development and Intellectual Property Rights. After several years she returned to the Academic Medical Center to co-establish a Technology Transfer Office.

Since Yellow Research started in 2004 she is assisting researchers in obtaining and managing EU grants. She has run more than 200 workshops on writing competitive proposals for FP7, H2020 and European Research Council and FP7 financial management. Currently her focus is on writing competitive proposals for ERC and Health related programmes.