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  •  2 November 2021
     09:30 - 15:30

Given the current circumstances, Yellow Research is happy to offer its yearly ERC

StG/CoG training via 4 Webinars.

For the next calls of ERC in Horizon Europe the deadlines are set on 13 January

2022 for ERC StG proposal submission and on 17 March 2022 for CoG proposal



The ERC selection criteria applied by the panels use terms which have become

familiar jargon, such as important challenge, novel concept, scientific approach and

feasibility. These webinars will explain in detail not only what these terms mean and

imply under the ERC umbrella but also how the various ERC panel members use

these terms to discuss, assess and select project proposals.


In this training we will explain in detail the meaning of the evaluation criteria related

to the project. In particular, finding the balance between ambitious objectives / new

concepts and feasibility will be discussed. Furthermore, we will also discuss the

panel specifics concerning the quality of the CVs and track-record of ERC grantees.

What is the norm per panel and what does this mean for the CVs of the

participants? What “actions” do participants have to highlight or undertake to bring

their CV in line with the expectations of the selected panel?


This training will supply you with the necessary knowledge to better understand

what kind of projects ERC is selecting for funding, and to get one step closer to

obtaining an ERC grant. 


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Webinar, Netherlands