Writing Competitive ITN Proposals in the H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Programme

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks (ITN) can take the form of collaborative European Training Networks (ETN), European Industrial Doctorates (EID) or European Joint Doctorates (EJD).

This workshop is about making your Marie Curie ITN proposal the best competitive proposal. Even though the budget of the Marie Curie actions was increased in H2020, the competition is expected to remain fierce. A common mistake many applicants make is to consider an ITN project as a research project with some training elements. However, MSCA is a training scheme, so it is not enough to provide good science! Based on the experiences in Marie Curie, this workshop provides you with valuable information and input for writing a competitive H2020 Marie Curie ITN proposal.

The provisional deadline for MSCA ITN proposals is January 15th 2019.

Programme Outline

We provide you with solid background information about the objectives, the policy context, and the basic principles of Marie Curie ITN of H2020 with specific attention to the changes compared to previous calls and lessons learned from the first call under H2020.

We will focus on the evaluation procedure and the 3 consolidated evaluation criteria: Excellence, Impact, and Implementation.


Participants will obtain general and the latest information about the Marie Sklodowska-Curie programme, in particular about the ITN scheme. Participants will receive strategic and practical input for writing competitive ITN-proposals under H2020.

Who should attend

This workshop will be of value for researchers and EU Liaison Officers, experienced and non-experienced.


The workshop will be in English, with no translation. Participants will be provided with solid background information. Moments for discussion are included in the programme to promote exchange of views between participants and trainers. Lessons learnt from previous evaluations will be discussed where possible.

Each participant will receive a hard copy of the course material, which consists of a detailed guide to help researchers with their submission. It also includes a copy of the slides presented during the workshop. The course material covers in-depth the background information on the topics listed in the programme below.


Lotte Jaspers: Lotte is a founding partner of Yellow Research. She has extensive experience with individual grant applications for Marie Curie as well as within the framework of the prestigious ERC grants.

Aya van den Kroonenberg, Ph.D: Aya joined Yellow Research in 2013. She has more than 20 years of experience with writing European research grants with a particular focus on individual research grants. Aya is regularly invited by the European Commission as an expert evaluator for FP research proposals.

We have been running workshops on individual grants at numerous universities as well as assisting in the pre-submission review of ERC Starting, Consolidator, and Advanced grants.

Time Schedule


Introduction Marie Curie Programme and ITN Aims and objectives H2020: making sure your proposal fits the EU challenges for ITN projects.


  • Quality, innovative aspects and credibility of the research programme and the relation to the workplan of section 3.1 and the quality of the consortium described in section 5.

Coffee & Tea break

  • Quality and innovative aspects of the training programme
  • Quality of the supervision
  • Quality of the proposed interaction between the participating organisations

Lunch at 13:00



  • Coherence and effectiveness of the work plan
  • Appropriateness of the management structures and procedure
  • Appropriateness of the infrastructure of the participating organisations
  • Competences, experience and complementarity of the participating organisations and their commitment to the programme

Short coffee & tea break


  • Enhancing the career perspectives and employability of researchers and contribution to their skills development
  • Contribution to structuring doctoral/early-stage research training at the EU level and to strengthening European innovation capacity
  • Quality of the proposed measures to exploit and disseminate the results

End of Training Course

Course fee

The YR course fee is€ 695,00 per participant (VAT exempted), incl. coffee & tea, lunch and course materials.

The fee for in house training with max 24 persons and 1 trainer is € 3.750,00 (VAT reverse charged outside the Netherlands), excl. travel, hotel, subsistence costs and printing of course materials. Course fee for more than 24 persons is € 4.740,00.

Date, Location, Contact

Date(s): not scheduled, available as in-house event

Time: 09:00 – 17:00

Location: Yellow Research, Veembroederhof 5-7, 1019 HD, Amsterdam


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