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Writing a competitive VICI proposal for the Dutch NWO Talent Scheme

Writing a competitive VICI proposal for the Dutch NWO Talent Scheme

Obtaining a VENI-, VIDI- or VICI grant from NWO is an important milestone in the research career of (young) scientists in the Netherlands. The Talent Scheme is highly competitive with average success rates between 10%  and 20%, depending on year and science division.

In the European context of for example ERC grants, but also Marie Curie grants, reviewers perceive obtaining such a national grant as an important sign of excellence and independence.

We will address the typical characteristics of a VICI application (pre-proposal + full proposal including rebuttal). In addition, focus will be on evaluation criteria and evaluation questions to be addressed by the external referees and the proposal format, including their inter-relationship.

1. Outcome

Participants will receive strategic and practical input for developing a competitive VICI project and writing a convincing proposal thereby increasing their chances to receive this prestigious grant.

2. Who should attend

This workshop is directed towards talented researchers who consider submitting a NWO VICI pre-proposal in the near future.

3. Methodology

The workshop will be in English, with no translation. Active participation and commitment from the course participants is a key factor for the success of this training. Numerous examples, tips and tricks and best practices will be presented.

Several small exercises / assignments will be implemented.

4. Trainers

Aya van den Kroonenberg, PhD from Yellow Research and Ir Erik Prins have extensive experience with running Talent Scheme workshops and pre-submission reviews of corresponding proposals. Both trainers have more than 15 years of experience with reviewing and writing Dutch and European research proposals.

5. Programme Outline

10:00 Opening
Part I Introduction Talent Scheme Programme

·     Particular focus on VICI

·     Comparison with other (international) research grants

Part II


Evaluation process

·     Competition

·     Evaluation steps

·     Who is your audience?

·     Lessons learned from an evaluator

Part III Research project

·     Before your start writing, concept development

·     Evaluation criteria and questions for the external referees related to the quality of the research project.

·     Proposal format Section 2a

  Lunch for attendees and opportunity to ask questions
Part IV Principal investigator

·     Evaluation criteria and questions for the external referees

·     How to demonstrate your excellence in a VICI proposal? Section 4+5

Part V Evaluation criterion knowledge utilization

·     Evaluation criteria and questions for the external referees.

·     Stakeholder analysis, proposal format Section 2b

Part VI Registration form and budget
17:00 End of course

6. Course fee

The YR course fee is € 595 per participant (VAT exempted), incl. coffee & tea, lunch and course materials.

7. Date, Location, Contact

Dates Wednesday, December 11 2019
Time 10.00 – 17.00 hrs
Location Yellow Research

Veembroederhof 5-7

1019 HD Amsterdam

The Netherlands

Contact Sarah Jones at
December 11, 2019

Start Time:10:00
End Time: 17:00

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